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The Story Forge Podcast - Introduction

Your introduction to The Story Forge Podcast. Listen to a brief summary of what the podcast is about and all those incredible small business people we're talking to to learn about how they've built their businesses and thrived in a chaotic world.

Gratitude in the Age of Corona - Dr. Peggy DeLong

Dr. Margaret DeLong, or Peggy, as I know her, is a psychologist, author, and all-around excellently generous human being. We talk about her business and career trajectory, the challenges she's overcome in her life and those she's addressing during this time of global pandemic and what we all can do to alleviate some of the fear, anxiety, and pressure that's putting on all of us.

When the Lights Went Out on Broadway - Melissa Joy Crawford

Melissa Joy Crawford is the Production Wardrobe Supervisor for the Broadway musical COME FROM AWAY. And with Broadway basically shut down, we have a chat about her career in costuming, the effect of the current pandemic situation on her profession, and the incredibly uplifting message behind the show she says she'd love to work on for the rest of her life.

Saving St. Patrick's Day - Richie & Erika Delaney Hayes

We sat down with these great Irish entertainers to discuss the Friday the 13th before St. Patrick's Day this year when all manner of entertainment heck broke loose under pandemic threat.

Proving Purpose with a Smile - Dr. Christina Carter

Dr. Cristina Carter of Carter Smile is a pediatric dentist and orthodontist in Morristown, NJ, who is as dedicated to her team as she is to her patients, her profession, and her family.

When the Lights Go Down - Jim Ridgway

Checking in on the news from California and on the job market during a global pandemic.

Friday at the Carnival - Dave Johnson

We talk to Dave Johnson, Meet Director of the Penn Relays. Cancelled for the first time in it's 126-year history.

Rhyming Through History - Dr. Susan Kent

Author and historian Susan Kingsley Kent gives us a historical perspective on what's going on today by looking at the experience of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic that killed an estimated 50-100 million people worldwide.

Life & Music in the Now - Jody Nardone

Self-employed and living the life of a successful musician in Nashville, Jody Nardone talks to us about what inspired him to his career, the journey of his business and creative life, and how the Caronavirus health crisis is impacting him, his family, and his community.

Glimpsing the Epicenter - Derrick Jackson

Derrick Jackson is a veteran of the New York digital agency world who lives in Jackson Heights, Queens, NYC, overlooking Elmhurst Hospital. Here, he provides a unique glimpse into what living in the epicenter of the epicenter working from home feels like.

Making Education Matter - John Waldron

John Waldron is the state representative from Oklahoma District 77. He's a career educator who transitioned his fight for the students of his district to a cause for the students of his state. Here, we talk about family, a vocation in education, and how one makes the change from history teacher to state-house politico.

Agent of Change - Qaadirah Abdur Rahim

In an educational environment where 43-45% of public school children graduate high school, Qaadirah Abdur Rahim's Future Foundation in Atlanta graduates 100% of its students providing a nearly unlimited horizon. Here, we talk about her personal journey and the challenges presented to her organization by our current crises.

Good v. Great in the Knowledge Economy - Sam Mallikarjunan

Sam Mallikarjunan is an author, speaker, professor, and digital marketing expert. In this conversation, we talk about his story as well as how the COVID-19 crisis is affecting his company, his plans, and his industry. And... what's coming next.

All Politics is Local - Mayor Mary Jane Canose

Valuable lessons in good leadership can come from anywhere if you know where to look. Even from, maybe especially from the mayor's office in a small, New Jersey town.

Sharing Music Around the World - Sean Fagan

Sean Fagan came from a family of 12 siblings, spent time in the Peace Corps, tended bar, and is currently celebrating 25 years as founder of a business that helps musical groups explore to all four corners of the globe. The Coronavirus crisis has hit his business hard, but he has a remarkably optimistic outlook on what comes next.

New Space Coming of Age - Col. Greg Johnson

Col. Greg Johnson has been a combat fighter pilot, a test pilot, and pilot of two missions of the Space Shuttle Endeavor. He's been a leader in the modern Space Industry and as private enterprise is taking a leading role in the development of technology and exploration of the world beyond our atmosphere, he is at the center of a developing idea known as "New Space." In this conversation, we explore some of his amazing experiences and his journey from "military brat" to astronaut and beyond.


In a world where journalism is attacked unmercifully every day at the highest levels, a true legend of the business passed away today. Pete Hamill was a storyteller, a columnist, a novelist... a newspaperman. This special edition is just a few thoughts about what Pete gave to the world through his exceedingly good work.

Leading from the Heart - Megan McDowell

Born out of grief in combination with the the overwhelming outpouring of support shown to her family after losing her brother-in-law in the 9/11 attacks in 2001, Megan McDowell's Heartworks foundation is an extraordinary network of love and good works designed to turn that feeling of unity and community in the days following that incredible tragedy into a continuity of open-heartedness that continues to grow today.

A Sly Leap of Confidence - Andy Quintana

What does it take to launch a startup. Your first startup. In the middle of a global health crisis? Answer: a whole lot of gumption. Andy Quintana did just that with his Slydeck. And he's not a serial entrepreneur. He's an engineer and a career sales professional, and an all around good guy. Give it a listen.

The Practice of Joy - Dr. Peggy DeLong

Dr. Peggy DeLong returns to the pod with this conversation about her new book, FEELING GOOD. It's a collection of 35 sometimes deceptively easy ways to adjust your perspective and promote positive thinking and a feeling of happiness.


We have several great new episodes coming, but between the global health crisis, the economic frustrations of so many, and election day turning into election week and beyond, we thought we could all use a few words of advice for keeping calm among the craziness. Dr. Peggy DeLong helped us out with three things we can all do every day.

Don't Forget About the Dog - Dave & Kym Colella

Bill Murray said "I'm suspicious of people who don't like dogs, but I trust a dog when it doesn't like a person." I didn't ask Dave and Kym Colella what they think about that idea, but after my conversation with them, the owners of Earthdog, producers of the most wonderful dog products I've ever come across, I'd be surprised to get much pushback.


A short audio essay with a few thoughts on Thanksgiving during these trying times and what I'm personally very thankful for.

Making Things - Yes, Virginia

It's the end of the year here at The Forge. And we've just finally realized what this podcast is all about. Simply... Making Things. And we read the most famous newspaper editorial of all time, too.

Making Things Matters - The Story Forge Evolves

In this next evolutionary step of The Story Forge Podcast, we've discovered truly what it was we were trying to explore in our initial conversations and evolved to a new focus on what is important in our work, important to our guests in their work and goals, and important to you, those of us interested in what these people make and do. Give us a listen. They're forging great stories for themselves.

Coogan's Finish Line - Peter Walsh

Institutions are important to communities. And Coogan's was a vital institution in the New York City neighborhood of Washington Heights. Through violent upheaval and regrowth from a very tough stretch of city history, Coogan's persevered and welcomed everyone. COVID-19 put an end to Coogan's Run, but the stories and traditions are remembered.

What's Past is Prologue - Jason Steinhauer

Jason Steinhauer is a renowned historian who has published numerous works, taught and researched in top-tier universities and the Library of Congress. He's developed a field called History Communication designed to help us all better understand our relationship with what's come before us and how that impacts our judgment of the future.

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